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I work with to tell stories

The secret to content that hooks

Gone is the old way of marketing when businesses bombarded audiences with their messages. Marketing can no longer be an interruption – like an ad during the commercial break.

The secret to ensure your message does not drown in the din, goes back millennia to the days when humans first sat around campfires beside the Nile.

They told stories.

What I Do

I am a freelance content creator equally adept with words and the visual language. I produce content across platforms, using the best medium to tell the story. I’m not afraid to experiment to advance storytelling.

writing services


I write narratives for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and newsletters. My speciality is long-form non-fiction and I’m keen to work with non-profits and ethically minded businesses looking to create real value through content.

Film / Video Editing

A keen eye and the ability to sift through hours of rushes to cull out the heart of the narrative – aesthetically, on time and on budget, that’s what I bring to your project. Expect to have a true collaborator when you have me on your project.

Video Production

I've worked on video features across India with international television in rural India and big cities. I bring this experience to help businesses create engaging, broadcast-quality corporate documentary films and video features.

still photography services


A good photograph is not just worth a thousand words. It can be priceless in the fast-flowing social media stream. With my background in photojournalism, I can help you with corporate photography that goes beyond pretty pictures to images that convey meaning and elicit emotion.

A bit about me

I am a freelance content creator with experience working with words, still photographs and video. I use these to weave compelling narratives. I have worked in a newspaper as well as for international television and bring this experience to help you with your content marketing needs. Using proven tools of great storytelling, I can create content for your blog posts, website, social media network, brochures, newsletters and magazines. In short, I can be your one-stop source for all content.

Freelance Content Creator: Video Production

Why is content important?

number of blogposts per day

Communication is the exchange of information, ideas and feelings.

Use the power of storytelling in your communication. That’s the way we humans have communicated for thousands of years. It still works.

Don’t create fluff with cute pictures and quotes. There’s too much of that on all digital channels already. Instead, always look to create value for your employees, suppliers and clients.

Get in touch

I offer a variety of content services from writing to video production, social media to helping businesses with content strategies. Use the form below or email me and I’ll be in touch soon.

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