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Freelance Writer

Stories are the most engaging content you can provide your readers on your website, blog or annual report. As Humans we relate best to other people. This is the core of all good narrative non-fiction writing.

I am a freelance writer with a background in journalism and documentary film. I write compelling narrative non-fiction based on field interviews – stories that will bring your work to life for your readers.

Engaging articles for your

I research and write original content that’s meaningful and engaging to human readers – not just search engines. But I also bring to the table an understanding of SEO and Google’s changing standards for ranking content. I can work with you to created targeted articles (and videos) for your business niche. I can even post directly to your blog, since I understand the WordPress back-end, saving you the trouble and freeing up your resources.

I can help research potential keywords, come up with topic ideas for posts, create and execute an editorial content calendar to ensure your blog stays alive with content your customers will find interesting and engaging.

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