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Stories wield power. When told

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  1. Stories really do weild power when told!! I definitely agree.. I too have stories to tell, but how do I get to do so..
    Can you have a workshop for the general public? Or is it only for the underprivileged? If the latter is the case, do consider me as one, if only to be a part of this wonderful workshop!

    1. Quite right Dr Anna, we all have stories that need to be told. And yes, I am inclined to work with the underprivileged of all kinds – the people on the margins when it comes to the stories we hear.

      For too long have a few controlled the stories while the rest have consumed and been influenced by them.

      I am happy to work with of the “storied underprivileged”

      1. Great news! Do keep me in the loop. Let us unleash the power from within!

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