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They will teach you more than you can teach them

Volunteer profile interview for Childrescue


ChildRescue is a children’s charity based in Goa, India. They work with underprivileged street children and orphans running homes and shelters, besides some community outreach programmes in villages and slums.


Volunteers are very important to a charity. They bring in expertise in various fields and on their return home, they become ambassadors of the work of the charity.

With this in mind, ChildRescue approached me to do a short feature to promote volunteering with the charity. The film was to be used during presentations in communities across Europe.


The feature was required at very short notice – a matter of a couple of days since the volunteer we were to film was headed back to the UK after her term came to an end. We decided to approach it very journalistically. We filmed Maxine for half a day at two facilities – a slum and a home for little children. She went about doing things she normally did with the children – teaching them English at the slum school and playing with the little ones at the home.

We then did an interview with Maxine to know her story and put it together with the visuals in the edit.

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