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Love in Action – Caritas


Caritas, a social organisation of the Catholic Church, works in various areas of social development from AIDS hospitals for adults and children to care and education of special children (physically and mentally). This year, they celebrate 50 years in Goa.


To commerate 50 years in Goa, Caritas commissioned me to do a short documentary to highlight the work of the charity across Goa.


Caritas has a number of projects across Goa in various fields. The challenge was to get footage from these projects that was not “staged”, in the least possible time. For this we spent half a day to one day at each project facility. Given the time constraints, getting the project facilitators and beneficiaries to be camera un-aware was a task. Thankfully, the low-profile DSLR video gear helped put them at ease.

Given the sensitive nature of some of the facilities, the other challenge was to hide the identity of some of the characters while being sensitive to those being shown as well.

With the footage collected, we pieced together the film, without the use of additional VO, choosing instead to let the characters tell their story.

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