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Joy of Giving Week: Promo

Campaign Promotional Video for NGO

30 sec television slot to promote the Joy of Giving week at ChildRescue


ChildRescue is a children’s charity based in Goa, India. They work with underprivileged street children and orphans running homes and shelters, besides some community outreach programmes in villages and slums.


Joy of Giving Week is celebrated in India from Oct 2 to 8. It is a time to experience the joy that comes from giving selflessly with no expectations.

ChildRescue approached me to produce a short 30-second film to air on television channels (paid and sponsored slots) to invite people to give during the Joy of Giving week. And two: Produce a short feature to upload to social channels (Youtube and Facebook) to talk more about the JoG week and how people could use the opportunity to help children in need through ChildRescue.

All of the production took less than 3 days from shooting to final edit.


Given the eyes are by far the most expressive and hence the most compelling way into the heart of a person, I produced the short 30-sec tv segment that prompts viewers to look directly into the stark eyes of the children in need. To do this, I shot extreme close-ups of a group of children. I ended up using 5. The message at the end is simple.

For the online social media feature, I let the Charity’s publicity head talk freely about the JoG week and what people could do to help. I then cut this in with simple images of the kids as they played in the garden.

Short Feature for use on Social Media channels.

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