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Journeys – the documentary

What began as a chance encounter between two individuals from two very different cultures and countries, has grown into an organisation responsible for transforming the lives of thousands of children.
Matthew Kurian and Anita Edgar started out on their journey in 1997 and in the process discovered themselves. Over the years, many others have joined in their quest to transform lives.
Journeys takes us on the incredible journey of El Shaddai and the crisscrossing lives of the people that make it a beating heart.
In the process we ask ourselves “what is my journey?”

Journeys – Official Trailer

About the documentary


Journeys is a documentary film about the history and work of El Shaddai Charitable Trust, a charity working with children in need, in Goa and parts of India.

The real story of an organisation is rarely about the organisation. It’s more about the people of that organisation. Journeys – the documentary takes that approach, focusing on the people that make El Shaddai a beating heart.    The story begins behind the scenes at Fantasia, a theatrical performance by the children of El Shaddai, under the training of the Teatro per Caso team from Italy.   Following the practice sessions and the actual performance, the film intertwines the lives of people that come together at El Shaddai. There’s the 2 young adults who were brought up in El Shaddai’s homes after their parents could not afford them a good life. Then there are the volunteers and sponsors who, having got to El Shaddai from different backgrounds, over the course of the film realise what their journey really was all about.   These individual stories weave together with the Fantasia performance into a wonderfully exciting and entertaining fabric of individual lives coming together in unexpected ways.   Through them we learn about the organisation, it’s history and growth, through a couple of sequences that are directly. This provides the framework for our understanding about the people that the film deals. Our concern is for them and through them, we learn about the work of El Shaddai itself. In this sense, Journeys is not a typical “NGO/Charity” film.   And for those looking for miserable looking third world children, Journeys is not the place. The film is about hope and life.   While looking into the individual journeys of the characters, the film will also surprise us along the way. That’s what journeys do! In the process we ask ourselves what’s our own journey? The destination is not so important.

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