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Grannary of Salcette


Documentary Film | Dir Vince Costa | Editor Gasper D’Souza | 37min.

SYNOPSIS: Goa, located on the west coast of India, was a Portuguese colony for over 400 years, as a result, it has a unique culture, which is a blend of Hindu and Christian influences.

Located in a valley, on the banks of the river Zuari is the village of Curtorim. It is in Salcete, a sub-district of Southern Goa. Through the ages, this village has had strong agrarian heritage and been synonymous with the vast production of rice, thereby earning it the title of ‘Saxtticho Koddo’ meaning, ‘The Granary of Salcete’.

Today this traditional occupation is affected by shifts in attitude, labour shortages, GMO’s and un unpredictable weather, only to name a few. Even though new technology is being introduced to help the farming community some very serious questions still remain to be answered.

The Culture of Goa and its connection with its paddy fields that everyone is so proud of comes from the economic relationship man has with the land. If the use of the land is changed, the culture will change accordingly.

The choices we make today will define what happens to our culture and community in the future and most importantly to our source of food.

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