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Addicted Innocence

Documentary Film Editing

Sonali Devnani & Jayson Albano

Ruby Yang

The film was shot in the boys’ centre of SPYM, narrating the story of nine- year-old Sai. He represents the many kids in the centre who have lost their innocence to drugs, but are trying to regain control of their lives and resume schooling.

The film also follows former addict and volunteer Akram. When he was eight, he boarded a train while under the influence of drugs. Ten years later, he still wishes to return home. However, he doesn’t have any way of knowing where his family is.

Addicted Innocence was the winner at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival in in the “Quick-length Documentary Movie” category.

For more on the documentary film visit: https://www.addictedinnocence.com/

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