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50 Years of Reporting Goa

Corporate film presentation for the golden jubilee main event of The Navhind Times


The Navhind Times is Goa’s leading English language daily. In 2013 it completed 50 years of publication, having started in 1963, just when Goa was liberated from Portuguese rule. Since then it has seen the development of this small state as it went from tourist booms to mining booms to real estate booms.


Having worked at the Navhind Times for 7 years from 2000 to 2007, the management approached me to do a film for the mega 50th anniversary event that was to be held at the Marriott Hotel. The film was to be exhibited during the event that also included an awards ceremony for Goan achievers from various fields. As such, the film needed to be short but tell the story of the newspaper.


I collaborated with the Assistant Editor Derek Almeida on this project. We interviewed a series of ex-Navhind Times staff to get our story, including an editor and reporter. Then I shot the facility – editorial desk and the printing. This done, there was discussion on using a voiceover to “tell” the story. For this, a VO was recorded I didn’t like the way the edit would shape up – ie: boring.

I suggested we let the interview characters tell the story without additional VO. Luckily, I have some rapport at Navhind and they went with my concept.

Other Corporate Film Projects

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