Freelance Video Journalist and Documentary Shooter in India

Telling visual stories is what I am passionate about. Video stories that dig deep into human nature, the heart of the characters in my stories. As a freelance video journalist and documentary film maker, based in India, I’ve worked for international television and documentary production houses, besides non-government organisations. A major portion of my videojournalism and documentary film work is based on topics human interest, development and education in India.

Still grab from freelance video Journalism work
I’ve filmed in remote villages and deserts and in the metropolis of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. I’ve spent days in some of the poorest districts of India, with people from tribal backgrounds and chatted with influential changemakers. In doing so, I have developed a deep understanding of and, more importantly, sensitivity for the widely diverse cultures and people of India.

My features and documentary films have been aired on channels like Euronews TV, in universities and colleges in Europe and America. Some have even been used as part of curriculum in social sciences classes. With international media experience, I offer a global perspective with keen local knowledge.

Solo Video Journalism: Small footprints, intimate coverage

As a freelance video journalist, I have worked in all areas of film production. Using strong journalistic skills, I can research a story to find the characters and locations, I shoot and conduct field interviews and edit in my post-production studio in Goa. Working solo, I am able to produce a features for projects requiring a small footprint – where subjects need to be put at ease, quick turnaround projects.

For me, access to my subjects and putting them at ease is a priority. My equipment ensures characters open up before me and are not intimidated by the camera equipment. At the same time, I do not compromise on quality and offer 4K recording with clean audio from lapel mics and/or shotgun mics as the situation demands.

Video Journalism Portfolio

Below, is some of my video journalism work across India.