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Freelance Storyteller

Stories open windows to worlds yet unknown

I'm often asked what it is I do?

There's no single word that best describes it

So here's my story

I live and breathe stories. I guess that makes me a storyteller. I am a freelance writer, video producer, film editor and reportage photographer. A copywriter, blogger, social media content strategist and creator.

I manage websites (like this one) and design print material for my clients.

In short, I use the medium and the means that’s best suited to the story. And since I freelance, I guess that makes me a storyteller.

Key Skills

  • Story Research
  • Photography / Cinematography
  • Field Interviewing
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • WordPress Setup & Management
  • Layout and Print Design

Words: My First Love

My professional journey began in 2000 when I joined a leading daily newspaper in Goa, India – the Navhind Times, where I oversaw the web edition. I regularly wrote feature content for the weekend magazines. I was also responsible for a complete re-design of the newspaper during my stint there. I simultaneously developed an interest in photojournalism. My work was published in the Navhind Times.

In 2006 I was awarded the Dempo Research Fellowship that enabled me to conduct a year-long photographic study of the fishing community and activities along Goa’s coastline.

I was drawn to the power of the moving image

Soon thereafter, I was drawn to the power of the moving image. Since 2012 I’ve freelanced for Euronews TV in India filmed in remote villages in the poorest districts of India (like Mewat in the north) and in the metropolis of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. I can say I have a deep understanding of and, more importantly, sensitivity for the widely diverse cultures and people of India.

I have produced features and documentary content for international television channels, production companies and corporate houses, including Euronews Television, McGee Media US, Park Hyatt, Child Rescue Charitable Trust and Caritas International. Having worked for international television channels and organisations, I offer local insights with a global perspective to my stories.

I research stories, shoot, interview, and edit the package.

I also have documentary film editing projects in my portfolio where I’ve worked with filmmakers to bring their vision to life. My first documentary film editing project “Paradise Re-invented” won an award for best editing (documentary) at the 2014 Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival. My most recent film editing project – Granary of Salcette won the Best Short Documentary film award at the Asia Independent Film Festival, 2018 in Bangalore, India.

Writing, Photography, Video – Complete Content Package

Having experience in text, images and video, plus understanding of SEO and content marketing, and content management systems like WordPress, I am in a position to offer my services as a complete content creator. I would love to help brands create engaging and informative content. I particularly would like to work with non-government organisations, charities and foundations and ethically-minded businesses looking to create high-quality content to engage their audiences.

I love stories and would love to help you with the content marketing your business needs.

Use the form below to get in touch with me and we can work out a package that suits your requirement. My packages include blog posts, social media management, email campaigns and corporate video features. Together we will decide what works for your audience.

Looking forward to hearing about your business.

A bit about me

I am a content creator with experience working with words, still photographs and video. I use these to weave compelling narratives. I have worked in a newspaper as well as for international television and bring this experience to help you with your content marketing needs. Using proven tools of great storytelling, I can create content for your blog posts, website, social media network, brochures, newsletters and magazines. In short, I can be your one-stop source for all content.

Freelance Content Creator: Video Production

Why is content important?

number of blogposts per day

Communication is the exchange of information, ideas and feelings.

Use the power of storytelling in your communication. That’s the way we humans have communicated for thousands of years. It still works.

Don’t create fluff with cute pictures and quotes. There’s too much of that on all digital channels already. Instead, always look to create value for your employees, suppliers and clients.

Get in touch

I offer a variety of content services from writing to video production, social media to helping businesses with content strategies. Use the form below or email me and I’ll be in touch soon.

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