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Documentary Film Editor

White Brick Wall Studio

Looking for a documentary film editor based in India?

I specialise in film editing, with experience cutting documentary films, short features, and corporate films.

I have produced and shot features for international TV from across India, and I’ve worked as the editor on a few long-form documentary film projects. My documentary film project “Paradise Re-invented” (60 mins) won an award for best editing (documentary) at the 2014 Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival. My most recent film editing project – Granary of Salcette won the Best Short Documentary film award at the Asia Independent Film Festival, 2018 in Bangalore, India. I’ve even worked as the editor on the a Portuguese documentary film “Special Envoy”. Yes, I’m always up for a challenge 🙂


Skills I bring on board

  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to sniff out the story from hours of rushes
  • Objectivity in crafting your film, as the final interface between you and your audience
  • Timely workflow to bring your project to life on time and on budget
  • A personality that’s easy to get along with (crucial considering the hours and editor and director spend together on the project!)

More than an editor

I love storytelling. I researched, shot and edited all my features you see on this site. From that, I have experience in the entire process of production and can collaborate with you right from your script/story-line. I bring to the table not just technical skills as your documentary film editor; you can be sure of a creative partner helping bring your vision to life – making story and script flow suggestions where required, keeping your end audience (and your ego 😉) in mind.

Should you not have a script, I can work with you to explore the rushes to chisel out the story – looking through the hours and hours of footage and finding the pearls that can be strung together to create the story.

Either way, you can consider me your close ally in the creative process of bringing your vision to life.

Post-production Film Editing Facilities

White Brick Wall is a boutique film editing studio set up in my 1903 Portuguese-styled house in Goa, on the west coast of India. Here I have the latest system to handle native 4K footage. I cut in the latest versions of Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. I’ve set up my system with two monitors and a 60″ screen and Dolby 5.1 surround. This enables us to view cuts almost with theatre sound, through the editing process. All data is backed-up on multiple drives and the studio is equipped with un-interrupted power supply in case of any total power failure.

Working over distances

I have my edit suite setup on in Goa but can work efficiently across the globe. Connected with 100 Mbps broadband, working remotely is no longer a hindrance. If anything, it has opened possibilities to collaborate across the globe.

I know how to keep to deadlines and keep you – the director, continually in the loop. Working with me would be seamless. Post filming (or during if you’d like to begin work early!), send me the rushes/dailies by file transfer. So, no project delays.

All through the post-production phase, we will be in contact online, sharing the cuts so you can review them, give feedback and generally keep track of how the film is unfolding. Sequences may also be sent out for further post work by sound mixers and colourists, where required. Since I work in Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve editing software, it’s seamless to collaborate remotely and share sequences files and final cuts.

Or, Holiday while in Post!

You could also decide to move post-production of your documentary to Goa, India and there’s reason 😉 How about a creative break while your film is in post? Goa, a former Portuguese colony with extensive beaches, has a lot to offer tourists year-round. The weather here in Goa is mostly sunny with winter temperatures between 18-27 C while summer temperatures soar from 24-35C. June to September is generally when tropical rains renew the countryside. That’s a time I love to take a few days to de-clutter and take stock of my life and you could too!

The beaches are a great place to relax and come nightfall, the many nightclubs and local bars will keep you busy when you do need a break from your project. And if beaches are not quite your thing, Goa has three wildlife sanctuaries with eco-tourism cottage accommodation. It’s also a great place for birding with one bird sanctuary on an island!

So yes! So while you can rest assured of having a great collaborator working with you as your documentary film editor, there are many other good reasons to bring your film editing projects over to this former Portuguese colony on the west coast of India.

If you feel I could be a good match as the documentary film editor on your project, use the form or contact information below. We can chat and work out a budget based on your production and timelines.


Use the form below or contact over email or phone
TEL: +91-9545652520 | E: [email protected]


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