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Corporate video has come a long way from the boring productions with jazzed up graphics and monotonous voice overs. Today’s corporate film production must go beyond self-gratification of management, to films your clients would like to watch.

Today’s best corporate films are journalistically produced and look more like broadcast documentaries. Gone are the days when a droning voiceover recounted how your company began from humble beginnings and garnered awards and accolades. Your audience today is exposed to slickly produced flicks from streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s a matter of one click for them to switch over to any of those entertainment platforms. That’s why your corporate film needs to have a hook that keeps them wanting to watch more.

Journalistic and Raw: Corporate Film Productions today

Corporate film productions today need to be authentic and well produced with strong storylines. Your audience expects no less. The slightest hint of deception, self-glorification or poor production quality and they will switch over to another platform. Your corporate film should engage your audience while unfolding your company’s story, ideals and values. Most of all, like all good storytelling, your corporate video should have strong characters and be driven by those characters’ needs. That is the basis of story.

Characters in a corporate film could be you and your staff and what drives you. Or it could be the people your business helps – the story of your clients from the perspective of your company.

I have experience in journalism and documentary, having produced features for France-based Euronews Television, besides other organisations and can bring this experience to create slickly-produced films for your business. From small family-run businesses to large manufacturing units, charities and non-government organisations, every business can benefit from well-produced corporate films.

As a freelance corporate film producer, based in India, telling visual stories is what I am passionate about. Video stories that dig deep into human nature, the heart of the characters in my stories.

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