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Musings on filmmaking, editing, photography and writing

I love words and the visual language. Through this blog I will share some of what I learn along the road. Too much of what is around us is noise. Its beautiful to stop and explore the nuances of what’s around us. I believe the more we share our experiences and knowledge the more we grow as better humans.

Stories wield power. When told

Over five days at the beginning of September, I facilitated a workshop on Digital Storytelling with 10 beautiful participants from the El Shaddai Charitable Trust, a non-profit in Goa that runs homes and schools for underprivileged children. The participants – five girls and five boys all 14+ years.

Documentary film editing: Developing story arcs

In long-format documentary film editing, creating the story arc requires a good deal more thought and diligence. I’ve found certain tools and techniques that have helped me in documentary film editing and am sharing them here.


The Zen Roots of Christianity

Pope Francis, in his latest Apostolic Exhortation “On the Call to Holiness in Today’s World”, says holiness is not just for a chosen few, but

What is a Story Anyway?

To be human is to tell stories. That’s a powerful statement I came across when reading “Telling True Stories” from the Nieman Foundation at the

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