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The Content Blog

Musings on filmmaking, editing, photography and writing

I love words and the visual language. Through this blog I will share some of what I learn along the road. Too much of what is around us is noise. Its beautiful to stop and explore the nuances of what’s around us. I believe the more we share our experiences and knowledge the more we grow as better humans.

Change Happens

When life feels like work, its time to change

Change is a part of all life. It’s the one constant in this universe. I believed unless I reinvent myself constantly, I am dammed to a life of drudgery. This attitude has not always drawn a positive response from those around me.

Top 10 Tips for first-time filmmakers

The tools may have changed making it simpler for first-time filmmakers but the rules have not. Here are some points I’ve learnt from shooting and edited my own films and working with other filmmakers as editor on those projects.

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