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Reaching out to kids with Radio

https://vimeo.com/89233237 At a community radio station in the north of India, Sohrab broadcasts a lively mix of education and entertainment based on Galli Galli Sim Sim, the Indian equivalent of…

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Learning on the move

https://vimeo.com/89230398 From an evening at the historic Gwalior Fort in the heart of India, to a trip to Mumbai’s Dharavi – the largest slum in Asia – Jérômine and her…

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Learning from our Past

https://vimeo.com/89225725 India is experiencing rapid growth and development. Sometimes, the young generation feels like it is turning its back on the past. Many only rely on their personal abilities to…

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Kerala: Dancing with the Past

https://vimeo.com/89223604 Kerala, the south western state of India, is marketed as a tourist destination for its beaches, forests, backwaters and ayurvedic traditions. However the state has a rich heritage. The…

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A solo video journalist’s best friends

As a solo travelling video journalist I find myself doing features across India. Because I am inclined to development type feature stories, in most cases I am not only alone but also in less than ideal terrain – the villages of India can be hard and the heat, humidity and dust harder. (more…)

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Pratham’s Read India Programme

https://vimeo.com/54877822 This feature is on the work of Pratham in the slums of Mumbai and rural Maharashtra, in grassroots education. Founder, CEO Madhav Chavan received the Qatar Foundation's WISE Award…

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