Photo Journalism & Documentary Photography

Often, a single still image or a series of images is the best way to tell a story. Immersing myself in the stream of consciousness of the moment, letting these moments unfold and making slices of time, that's my drive. At times like these, the composition, technical exposure and the gear itself become secondary. I love to spend time with my subjects and approach every assignment as if it were a long-term personal project, regardless if I spend a day or several months on the project.

Tears of Salt

Tears of Salt Saltpan workers of Calangute, Goa – India 1 From gourmet meals in the plush five-star hotels to the humble fish curry and rice in every home in Goa, no dish would be worth its salt without – salt! The great Mahatma organized the famous Dandi March to safeguard the interest of salt […]

Second Chance: Street kids in Goa

Second Chance Street Kids in Goa Nestling between the cool blue waters of the Arabian sea and the dusty heights of the Sayadhri mountain range, Goa is one of the more popular tourist destinations in India. Beggars or street children were traditionally a rarity. A high per capita income, above average literacy levels and a […]

Pernem Zatra

Pernem Zatra The village of Pernem in north Goa, nestles in the foothills of the Sayadhris bordering Maharashtra. For the most part it is a quiet place, save for the two industrial estates in the area. But, once a year, just after the Hindu festival of Dussera, it comes alive with the famous Pernem zatra, […]

Curdi Rising

Curdi Rising Curdi used to be a little village in the Sanguem taluka, of South Goa. In the 1980s this village was submerged along with neighbouring areas when it became a part of the catchment area of the Selaulim Dam – a water project that supplies water to all of South Goa. The villagers were […]

Call of the Seas: Photo Essay

Call of the Seas The Fishermen of Goa A life of romance – waking before the breaking of dawn, casting out to sea on little wooden boats, cut off from the rest of humanity, at one with the waters, the universe and god. This project was conceived to capture the romance of the Goan fisherman. […]