Documentary Filmmaker – Video Journalist

Telling visual stories is what I am passionate about. Video stories that dig deep into human nature, the heart of the characters in my stories. As a freelance video journalist and documentary film maker, based in India, I've worked for international television and documentary production houses, besides non-government organisations. A major portion of my video journalist and documentary film making work is based on topics human interest, development and education in India.

Ami Konn? (Who are we?) – Short Film

Ami Konn (Who are we?) is a short produced for the Storytelling Parade. The film is based on Vithai Zaraunkar, a post graduate of the Goa University and a member of the Kunbi tribe – an aboriginal community in the western Indian state of Goa. Not permitting insults about her origins, through her schooling, Vithai […]

Saint & Sinner – The making of the music album

Vince Costa is a singer-songwriter, sound engineer and dreamer. He produced his first music album “Saint & Sinner” recording it in his studio converted from an old granary/storeroom in his home in Curtorim, Goa. Working in his home, he got together an eclectic talented bunch of musicians to work with him in his studio. The […]

Journeys – the Documentary Film

What began as a chance encounter between two individuals from two very different cultures and countries, has grown into an organisation responsible for transforming the lives of thousands of children. Matthew Kurian and Anita Edgar started out on their journey in 1997 and in the process discovered themselves. Over the years, many others have joined […]

Saint & Sinner – Music Album BTS

Vince Costa is a singer-songwriter, sound engineer and dreamer. He produced his first music album “Saint & Sinner” recording it in his studio converted from an old granary/storeroom in his home in Curtorim, Goa. This is the BTS and thoughts from the singer on the track “Saint & Sinner”

Educate Girls – Qatar Foundation WISE Awards

Educate Girls is an organisation in India that strives to give girls an equal opportunity in education to boys. In many parts of the world, not just India, education is considered an unnecessary and un-affordable luxury for girls, whose primary role is seen as helping out at home. The Educate Girls foundation has set out […]

The Desert Man of Kutch

The vast emptiness of the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, India, stretches out to the horizon in every direction. Rann is Gujarati for desert, and for wildlife photographer Devjibhai this is home. Around here he is known as The Desert Man. It was fascinating experiencing the LRK desert with the Desert Man, in Gujarat. […]

An App to Save Lives

Feature on ZMQ’s mobile app that is used to provide healthcare information services to women in rural India. This feature, produced for Euronews’ Learning World was shot in Mewat in Haryana. See the full Learning World report here:

The secrets of Kerala’s exquisite dance-drama

Kerala – at the southern most tip of India – is defined by its serene landscapes and tranquil backwaters dotted with ancient temples, synagogues and churches. Little wonder they call it ‘God’s own country’. As the sun goes down, drums beckon devotees to the nearby temple. The all-night festival is resplendent with over a thousand […]

Reaching out to kids with Radio

At a community radio station in the north of India, Sohrab broadcasts a lively mix of education and entertainment based on Galli Galli Sim Sim, the Indian equivalent of Sesame Street. There are no televisions in the area so people have very few opportunities to watch programs or films or even listen to radio. Produced […]

Learning on the move

From an evening at the historic Gwalior Fort in the heart of India, to a trip to Mumbai’s Dharavi – the largest slum in Asia – Jérômine and her family have an exciting year ahead. She and her family of five have decided to take a year-long trip around the world, educating their children as […]

Learning from our Past

India is experiencing rapid growth and development. Sometimes, the young generation feels like it is turning its back on the past. Many only rely on their personal abilities to succeed. But teachers, like the founder of the Chanakya Institude at Mumbai University, believe ancient Indian writings can be an inspiration for today’s entrepreneurs. Produced for:

CMS Lucknow: World’s Largest School

With more than 48,000 pupils, the City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India is one of the largest in the world. It is also a top ranking one. Why is it so popular? And how does it manage to achieve so much in terms of educational achievement? Produced for Euronews – Learning World

Kerala: Dancing with the Past

Kerala, the south western state of India, is marketed as a tourist destination for its beaches, forests, backwaters and ayurvedic traditions. However the state has a rich heritage. The area known as Muziris sprang to fame with some archaeological discoveries, which link its ancient past to present day Kerala. For: Euronews – Le Mag

Satya Bharti: Shaping Futures in Rural India

The Satya Bharti project works in the field of grassoots education in rural India, places where basic education is inaccessible for the vast majority of India’s children.This feature was shot and produced for Euronews Television’s Learning World programme.

Pratham’s Read India Programme

This feature is on the work of Pratham in the slums of Mumbai and rural Maharashtra, in grassroots education. Founder, CEO Madhav Chavan received the Qatar Foundation’s WISE Award for 2012-13 for his work in helping improve literacy in rural India. Shot for Euronews TV’s Learning World programme.

Victim to Protector: Journey of Susai Raj

Susai Raj was a victim of child labour. He managed to escape the inevitable spiral into addiction, gangs and a life wasted. Today he runs his own organisation working for rescue and rehabilitation of child labourers in and around Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. Client: This feature was shot for Euronews Television’s Learning World Series.

Staying Awake for God

A documentary film by Alexander Henn (Arizona State University/Heidelberg University), in colaboration with Alito Siqueira (Goa University). Camera and editing by S Gasper D’Souza. An introduction to the Jagor in Goa. Jagor, meaning to be awake, are all-night ritual performances in various villages in Goa, once a year.

Remmie Colaco in Conversation

Extract from the interview with renowned Goan tiatrist Remmie Colaco (1925-2012). Remmie acted in over 1000 Konkani dramas and composed 500 plus songs with his own music. That was the talent of the man, a true star of the Goan stage. What I admired most, producing this interview a few months before his death, is […]

Rico Rod in Conversation…

Preview of the upcoming interview with Rico Rod, well-known star of yesteryears on Goa’s tiatr stage. This interview is produced for the Tiatr Academy of Goa and is part of a series of interviews with famous tiatrists of yesteryears on the Goan stage.

A Volunteer Speaks

Alessandra Woodridge speaks about this experiences as a first-time volunteer teaching little children in the slums and El Shaddai’s shelters for homeless and vulnerable children in Goa, India. As appeared on Euronews TV –